After several years of neglect our back garden resembled the Congo rainforest. The foreground is a result of some manic hacking and strimming, but the heavy growth is still there in the middle ground. (Below) The shed you see in the background is not ours. It is a chicken shed belonging to the guy who owns the adjacent field.

  • The Hole

    As I hacked the growth into submission this hole appeared! And it hadn't been there the last time the back garden was in any kind of reasonable shape.

  • Another view of the hole

    It was too symmetrical to be just a random hole. Closer inspection revealed some kind of a metal hatch that has simply rusted to a point where it had given up the ghost and collapsed.

  • Looks interesting!

    The rubble directly underneath the hole. Being little more than a foot or so square it was far too small for me to get down into it. As of August 2013 the metal hatch cover is still underneath the rubble.

  • Looks bare, though...

    I shoved the camera down it and blindly took the following shots, moving my hand around a bit as I did it.

  • Ah-Ha!

    This one shows an up-pipe of some kind. A breather??.


The spaces below are for as and when I find more revelations. I cannot help but wonder what the last one will eventually show! I am currently exposing the corrugated-iron/concrete cover. Well, I was. I actually leant too heavily on my long-handled Cornish shovel and broke the damned thing. So progress on the uncovering side must wait until I get another one.

It's probably nothing interesting at all...some kind of a holding tank or the like. Only time will tell. Of course, I could always simply fill the hole with hardcore and be done with it. But where's the fun in that? Plus, it's interesting while it lasts

Update 2017

Turns out it's nothing more than an old style cesspit! All five of the bungalows in our row have them - mostly filled in now. And I haven't even bought a new shovel yet.