• Myself

    Nothing to add here.

  • Herself

    Elaine has a story worth telling. Click HERE to visit her website.Meanwhile, she does figure heavily on the "Music" page

  • Matt

    Practicing his chosen profession. He gained his BMus(Jazz) degree recently.

  • Sam

    Currently (2016) studying for his Doctorate up in Oxford

    2022 Update: After a very great deal of work and struggle, Sam is now "Doctor" Samuel Johns! And we're all very proud of him.

  • Where we live(1)

    The seething heart of our village. This picture was taken on a sunny day, back in 1996.

  • Where we still live

    I took this one yesterday(27th September 2016) which was an overcast day after a rain shower. The most significant change is that the white van turned into a black car!.

  • What garages should be used for

    My studio (as was) It used to be the garage so the place leaked like the devil when the weather came from a particular direction. The conversion was my own work, you see!.

  • The old homestead

    One day - because of all my DIY projects - the house will probably emulate the picture and collapse in an undignified heap!