The New Bathroom Project - Summer 2012 A fully combined effort...Me and Sammy because we did the donkey-work. Elaine and Matt because they had to put up with it!.

  • 1:

    It was a really hot day when we ripped the old bathroom out - to its foundations. And the project was brought about because the floor was bouncing like a trampoline. Reason? I had originally built it as a "wet room", where the water was supposed to go down the drain. Some of it did, of course, but mostly it simply soaked into the floorboards. Over the years the floor became more and more unstable, until it took a brave person to actually walk on it. I still enjoy the occasional DIY project, but now I am aware of my limitations! (Never mess with water or gas; the damned stuff does what it wants to do!)

  • 2:

    The new (reclaimed!) floor joists used to hold up a walkway at a local theme park. (You can see the weathered lines!)

  • 3:

    The heated towel rail on the left was not our work. We got a plumber in to do that.

  • 4:

    The board Sam's working on caused him some heartache. When stepped on, it had a squeak that did not want to go away! He fixed it in the end.

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  • 5:

    Note the installation instructions on what was the towel cabinet (left). Despite them the damned toilet was something else that did not want to work properly.

  • 6:

    Brute-force and ignorance did the job at last! Note the roll of toilet paper. Despite anything me and Sammy could say about it, the toilet (because it actually worked) was already in use!

  • 7:

    I did the jigsaw bit on the work surface but Sam did all the rest of it.

  • 8:

    The sealant was another thing that caused Sam some grief.

  • 9:

    I think this was Sam's first venture into the world of jigsaws. And it had to be done left-handed. Not easy!

  • 10:

    I think we both enjoyed building the plinth. Well, mostly.

  • 11:

    The tiling was all Sam's work. I seem to remember laying the first one, but that was all.

  • 13:

    This was a milestone. We didn't install the sliding doors yet, for various there was always that bit of nagging doubt.

  • 14:

    I still had no idea what we were going to do with the space under the sink. Or that bit behind the toilet.

  • 15:

    Now I do!

  • 16:

    I buggered up the floor-covering one morning when Sam was still abed...(No picture for obvious reasons!) He gave me a good going-over and had to fix it. I think I was too hasty.

  • 17:

    Nagging doubts gone away!

  • 18:

    The first real usage...For the workmen, that is!