Can't see this page being used much, but I'm told - by cleverer people than me - that it should be here...So, for what it's worth, here it is...

SALES: If I still have it, all my work is for sale!

COMMISSIONS: You can commission me to do several things (I hear a suggestion coming up that I will totally ignore!) You can either...

1: Choose a canvas from the galleries and I will reproduce it for you.

2: Choose a scene of your own, and maybe send me a photograph. Or...

3: Simply ask me to paint a picture for you. All these suggestions assume that you are currently suffering an attack of the head-staggers and have temporarily lost your ability to think straight.

In case you can't quite visualise the various canvas sizes involved, the pics below might help.

seascape paintings

A 12"x16" canvas

seascape paintings

A 20x16 canvas

seascape paintings

A 20x30 canvas

seascape paintings
These 20x30s were bought by a surgery in Marlowe, Bucks. It might give you an idea of how a 20x30 canvas looks on a wall (I have no idea why these were not framed!). Well, I actually do...down here in Cornwall it can cost something close to 100 pounds for a 20x30 frame! Who knows what they might cost up in deepest rural - and highly expensive! - England?!

Delivery time?

Not easy, this, since an oil canvas requires some 4/5 days to dry enough to be shipped...Rule of thumb? Say 2 weeks from instruction to delivery. I use several shipping companies and have never experienced problems of any kind on that score. Cost? Well, this is dependant upon size, subject matter and complexity. (It's not an exact science) Commissioned work adds about 40% to an off-the-shelf picture. Smaller size canvasses are not priced pro-rata...but close enough. But why am I bothering? - who's reading this, anyway!