• 9: Strange light...

    This scene had an unexplainably strange light to it. I tried to get it, but don't think I did.

  • 10: "The Devils's Tooth"

    I should call this one "After a big one"...a big wave, I mean. The rock is locally known as "The Devil's Tooth". I don't paint here, I take photographs. The rock upon which I stand is always wet from the breakers, ergo, you don't stand there very long! It's a different story at low water, of course, but the object is somewhat defeated at those times.

  • 11: "Tobban" beach

    West from Porthtowan, this one. Not too many trippers get to this beach, even in the high season. Which makes it a nice place to spend a day, provided you've brought a picnic with you.

  • 12: West from "Seal's Cove"

    I took liberties with the distant cliffs for this one.

  • 13: A "Happy Accident"

    There is a strange tale attached to this one. Look closely and you should see a higher cliff in the far distance. I painted the final version of this when I was strapped for cash, unable to afford a fresh canvas. So I painted the middle distance out of a reject - I thought! - and slapped on another scene. The effect is actually quite pleasing. A happy accident, I think it's called

  • 14: "Tobban Rock"

    This was before the cliff collapsed and filled the gap.