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These pages tell you just about all you might wish to know about me and what I do. There is probably a whole lot more here than actually needs to be here, which is one of my problems: knowing when to stop! This failing is - apparently - a common problem with artists and writers. And this is a sadness, because most of the time the bigger problem is getting started!


I spent my entire childhood dipping my toes into waves just like these. In fact, if I stepped out of our front gate at a high spring tide and walked ten paces I would already be paddling.

It's no surprise, then, that with any kind of an artistic bent, if I ending up painting anything at all, it would be the sea.

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After a lot of research and homework I think I have cracked the now-universal"www" problem of making a website viewable on a mobile phone as well as a PC. The on-going problem, however, is that the world can now get online using just about anything that has a screen on it.

So, if you are viewing this site on - I don't know, a Norwegian egg-timer, maybe? - and it doesn't look quite right, pehaps you would let me know about it?

This site contains:

    • * Various art galleries
    • * Personal info
    • * Links to my other sites
    • * Useless pages
    • * Stuff you don't even want to know
    • * How to get hold of me...(and "by the neck" is not an option!)